Finance App Redesign

For six months in 2016, I worked for a big data finance company.

The company's loan application process needed an overhaul, and I was assigned to the project. The team and I worked to make the application simpler, clearer, and cleaner.

A note:

The company's name and branding was withheld from these mockups. Click any of the images to see a larger version.

Text Editor Prototype Animation Gif

Old Design

The previous design of this application consisted of a single-paged form. We decided that, by breaking it up into three simple steps, we can ask for different pieces of information from the users in groups that make sense.

Designing for the user

On many of these pages, users would be inputting very sensitive information. To ensure security, we placed copy and content near the relevant inputs and form telling the users of the company's security features, and why the information was necessary for their application.

Fully responsive

The entire application needed to be totally responsive, as many users would be applying for loans on their mobile devices.

iOS design

I also designed a mobile version of the application for the company's iOS app. Click any of the screens to see a larger version of the application.